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About The Books



Two-part Picture Stories – Part 1



  • In part 1, the scene is set and a problem is presented.
  • Talk about section provides thinking question to encourage the child to discuss the story.


Pictionary in meaningful context


  • Illustrated key words with simple explanations and example sentences build vocabulary.
  • Find-and-label activity on the picture story makes learning fun.



Two-part Picture Stories – Part 2


  • In part 2, the problem is resolved and all is well!
  • Identify-and-write activity reinforces understanding of the words.

Varied Exercises to reinforce learning




Write and Speak

  • Talk about leads the child to discuss the development of the story.
  • Share about relates the story to the child's life and develops speaking skills.
  • Write about provides opportunity to use words learned and develops writing skills.
  • My Word Bank encourages the child to add to vocabulary learned.

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